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The Story

President Gas is Scott Wylie, Paul Lee, Barry White (not that one!) and Greg Milne. The band has been together more than fifteen years, not the Rolling Stones by any means but still a pretty good stretch! There has been a number of drummers over that period: Pat McLaughlin manned the drum stool until 2003 and performed on the "Star" album. Ben White then took over the sticks for nearly four years recording "Sound on Sound". The triumvirate was completed when Greg joined in 2008 providing massive beats for the "Perfect Circle" album.

The band is currently distributed around the world but still working together. Keep an eye out for an upcoming album of outtakes, unreleased and new songs tentatively titled "History is Forever".

For those younger folks among you the band is named after an old song by 80's band the Psychedelic Furs that the band covers from time to time - a great song with a monster guitar riff!