Perfect Circle

Outa My Head
You mean nothing to me
A distant memory
A faded dream
And I don’t care
If you’re out there
It seems a lifetime since you went

I guess it was something you said
You came in my world like a prayer
Since you no one compares
Now I can’t get you outa my head

You see, you see what I see
You little mystery
Liar and cheat
Cos my world
Was just a quiet world
Until I found out where you’d been

You see you’re nothing to me
Now your life is in your hands

Under the Sun
When I reach out for you my love
Always wondering just what you’re thinking of
As the silence comes between us all in black
I realise you’re not coming back

It’s okay, it doesn’t matter anyway
When we see what we have become
It’s alright, we’ll make it through the night
Cos there is nothing new under the sun

One fleeting moment so hard to hold
I had the chance to lay you down all in gold
From your mouth come words I can’t understand
And I realise you’re not coming back

We Can Make This Day
Don’t walk away from the life we made
Don’t get hung up on a plan
Take shelter from the coming storm
And babe I’ll get back when I can

When I’m not with you
And I can’t see you
Please just hold on

We will make a change
Throw it all away
We will start again anew
We can make this day
Better than yesterday
We can make a change it’s true

When I’m far away
Keep your fear at bay
Live each moment like your last
Put your mind ease
Is this where you want to be?
And babe I’ll get back when I can

Through hours of darkness
Over miles of ocean
I will come home

Life, real life
What’s it all about
I thought I told you things weren’t great
I’d thought of everything
And now you’ve gone so far away
I can’t even tell
If you were ever really here at all

When I look into your eyes
It comes as no surprise
When we feel this state of grace
You’re still here

There’s a hundred million stars
Shining bright in outer space
There’s no other place like ours
A slowly dying sun
Reflecting everyone’s fate

Perfect Circle
Feel a weight across your shoulder
Feel a load upon your back
Each day a little colder
Each year a little more off track
As the darkness surrounds you
And brings you to your knees
There’s a place you will remember
Some kinda hope, some little peace
Stop waiting for the tide to turn
Don’t blame it on unlucky stars

No matter where you are
No matter where you’ve been
Start living through this life

In a place outside of nowhere
Take a walk across the sand
Try to draw a perfect circle
Just to see if you can
There can be a time to believe in
And hear the truth once again
To feel the warmth of another
And rise above the pain
Stop waiting for the tide to turn
Don’t blame it on unlucky stars

There’s a better way to change your track
What brings you down, what holds you back
It‘s all up to you to see it through
In good or bad or mad or sad
There’s a better way to cut right through
So take a chance and let it loose
Stop waiting for the tide to turn
Don’t burn, don’t burn, don’t burn
The Believer
Free me from the bonds you hold me to
Believe me I pose no danger to you girl
And my lover I will be there waiting for you
Like no other there’ll be no hesitating for you girl

Take it up high
Take it down low
Take it on easy
You know it ain’t easy to be the believer

My world is a strange and quiet world
And my life has been filled with precious jewels
There’ll be no changing won’t follow the latest thing
Cos your freedom is always waiting round the bend
Ballad of Jeanie Rose
Jeanie was a good girl she was seventeen
Looking for adventure but she’d never been
Just one lover and that was enough
She took a little test but she was out of luck

Johnny was bored he was out all night
But somehow good times always turned to a fight
In the morning couldn’t raise his head
And then he’d go out and do it all again

She says life goes on
Treat me bad and baby I’ll be gone
Jeanie had the baby made a promise that day
Her child would never want in any way
Johnny was crazy her father was right
It never would be easy having him in her life

Now she’s older living on her own
Seems like good times are so far gone
Dreaming of life she’s only seen
On the pages of a magazine
My Loneliness
I’m stuck on your face
Can’t remember your name
Going around in circles
I’m back at the start
Wipe the slate clean
Trying to change the future
Wherever you are
Whatever you do
I can only hope you’re happy now

My loneliness cuts me to shreds
I disappear without a trace
And I can’t believe I let you slip away
And now I’m never gonna see your face

I look for a sign
Searching the stars
Trying to get my bearing
Guiding me on
Leading me home
But they don’t shine so brightly now
Never Be Able
Now and then I’m down at the edges
I keep it all to myself
I hideaway keeping my distance
Want you and no one else

I’ll never be able to keep waiting on my own
I’ll never be able to keep waiting all night long
Now that we’re older we can make it on our own
I’ll never be able

So here we are both of us lonely
And searching for something else
No matter how hard I keep trying
I want you all to myself

Now I’m watching as she walks away
Now she’s fading away
And I don’t know why
She could live again
She could breathe again
In my mind
Hollywood Whisper
Did he tell that he needs her
That he just can’t live without her
It was a night to remember
It was never meant to end this way

Put it on a big screen
Tearing at their heartstrings
You couldn’t drag me away
Drowning in emotion leading to redemption
The hero lives to fight another day

Did he say it in a whisper
That he could’ve been a contender
Say that he’s never going to leave her
Than walk away right out of frame

I love your way
And I love the way you say it
Any old cliché sounds new
Everything is wonderful
When you’re riding high
Everything is possible
When you feel inspired
But the valley below
Can lead me to fall
When the road ahead is long
Testing my faith
Cos I’m not that strong

There’s a stranger in my head
Watching from inside
Can’t believe that you can’t see it
Just look into my eyes
The night is my friend
Can’t get out of bed
Was a light in my head
But now it’s gone
Now that you know
That I’m not that strong

Don’t you know that anyone could see
That there’s really nothing wrong with me
I have everything I’d hoped
A kids, wife and home
And that makes me strong

Sound on Sound

So look at us
See what we've become
Beyond the promises
That we made to ourselves
Yeah we've succumbed
To the thing we feared the most
The easy life, suburban sanctuary
That talks of liberation
But delivers a slow death
It's a gentle dying
But it's all the same in the end
When the heart is sick of trying

Can you see we've reached the point of no return
Can you feel the heat it's building
The afterburn

So we crash and burn
Yeah thrash and turn
Too late, too far
Now there's no escape
The race has run
And I've only just begun

See the light it's shining on me
See the light but I'm too blind to see

Sound on Sound
I sit inside my room
Waiting for the inspiration
Pouring out these songs
That no one hears but me
It's a lonely world
From which there's no escape
Can't do nothing else
Can't make it go away

I've got something to say
Gotta say it out loud
Going round in my head
Building up sound on sound
Was it something I read
Am I already dead?
Probably wasting my time
But that's all that I have

At the end of the working day
Have to find that quiet place
With just these three chords, the truth
And a little grace
Though my head is weary
I gotta heart that must be free
And so I sing these songs
That no one hears but me
Long Way Home
How you gonna get back home from here
Without me, without us
So how you gonna make this disappear
From our lives, from our love

There's a road that pushes into the night
There's a path that crosses from wrong to right
Hear a voice saying something I already know
A sense of distance, a feeling you're a long way from home

Ever had a dream that slipped away
On waking at daybreak
So how we gonna find that dream again
Without trust in our love

I feel a weight and it keeps on pushing me down
Hold my breath but it feels like I'm starting to drown
Where were you when I flat out needed you most?
You were lost you were a long, long way from home
Life's a question of how many days
And how to spend them
Thought I'd made my choice
Thought I'd spend them all with you
Now maybe that's not true
I tolerate the pain
And hope for brighter days
But now it feels like rain

Rain washing down my face
Tears like rain
I can't go on this way

So now I wonder what was real and just for show
I look into your eyes
And wonder who you really are
Betrayal leaves a scar
They shine a brilliant grey
Grow darker everyday
And now it looks like rain
The wind will blow away your steps
The rain will wash away your name
In a hundred years no one will care
As the weeds tumble over your grave
Do you know what I mean?
What I'm talking about?
Make the most of each cos it might be your last

You'll be gone for a long time baby
One thing you'll be sure of is that
You'll be gone for a long time honey
And you won't be coming back

This ain't no serenade
I don't call the piper's tune
No joyful cavalcade
No dance, no song of doom
Just some friendly advice
From somebody who knows
Who's seen a little life, seen the ebb and the flow

So feel the blood in your veins
Feel the sweat on your skin
Draw deep on each breath
Let the living begin
Falling Into Shadows
Faint hearts can never be true
Faith lost is never renewed
Like a pretty young face
Showing the first signs of age

We took our comfort on a big white bed
But lately baby I'm been thinking again
About a different kinda lovin
But I just can't get it straight

We're crawling through the darkness
Searching for the light at the end
Flying outa nowhere
Falling into shadows again

Yeah faint hearts can never be true
One and one and one don't make two
But then counting and numbers
Was never your strong suit

So a quiet desperation has come to descend
We don't talk about so we just keep pretending
That the silence is golden
And last year never happened

With just one song
I'm hardly gonna make us change
Before we throw it all away
One Wish
If I had one wish
And one last chance
I'd roll the dice and play the dealers hand
Watch the numbers fall

And you and I
Would make a change
Before we cross that line and it's too late
To ever come back again

So take my hand
We'll do what we can
To make amends
Forgive and forget

If only time stood between us
And we could fill the space between us
Did you ever really want to?
Be careful what you wish for
It might come true
You're watching over me
See things I just can't see
You live in harmony
The way I wanna be
You're watching over me

I'm searching for the light
The road is never smooth
For those who seek the truth

It should be easy but I can't make it alone
It's so easy to get lost on my own

The endless ocean's near
Someday I'm resting there
I thought I cannot turn away
it fills my every night
Every night and day

It's all so beautiful, so beautiful
So how do I make you understand
I got lost along the way
Darkness Falls
When the devil comes to find you
Are you just standing there?
When he’s creeping up behind you
But you don’t seem to care
Turn around, to the light
Let darkness fall away, away, away

This is the thing
This is the thing we’ve all been fighting for
This is why we’re working on the factory floor
This is why we sing these songs

And this is the way, this is the way that I can make it
Can’t live without a dream though it’s fading
Now I know about the man behind the door
Too bad you couldn’t make it
Looks like you’re on the floor

This is the day, this is the day that you’ve been waiting
Gotta plane to catch but you know you won’t be taking it
Gonna hide beneath the covers keep the sunshine out
Lay your body on the ground

Don’t you know, can’t you see, don’t you trust the voice inside your head
Never thought ‘bout things too much
Temptation’s always gonna get you in the end
Too bad you couldn’t fight it
Too weak to make a stand

When the devil comes to find you
Are you just standing there?
When he’s creeping up behind you
But you don’t seem to care

When you feel it all around you
You won’t ever hear
The voice that calls you over

Cos you’re already there
He’ll find you anywhere
He will find you anywhere
Cos you’re already there
Yeah the devil’s in the detail
Of every life
In a thousand different choices
Between what’s wrong and right
Got to be strong

Way You Look
The way you look in black tonight
The way you look into my eyes
The way you when we push and fight
The way you look when we kiss tonight

The way you lean into my side
The way you wear that dress so tight
The way you move across the room
The way you love the little things I do

The way you cast that spell on me
The way you guide my destiny
The way you hold you head up high
The way you keep the fire burning bright

The way you love those pretty things
The way you wear those diamond rings
The way you whisper in my ear
Those little things I just gotta hear

The way you fill me with desire
The way you look all dressed in white
The way you look upon the sheets
The way your kisses still taste so sweet

The way you look in black tonight
The way you wear that dress so tight
Everything about you makes me whole
The way your sun is shining in my soul
Juicy Fruit Girl
Life so sweet
Caught between first bloom and first heat
And she's so young
Doesn't know just what she's begun

Do you know what I mean?
Do you see what I see
Can you feel what I feel?
Can't you see she's a juicy fruit girl

She don't think twice
Cooking up that sugar and spice
Her shirt so tight
Filling up with everything nice


Hallelujah Shoes
I had a lot on my plate
Had a lot of lost weekends
Had a hundred things on my mind
I know I've been this place before
I could not stand the loneliness
I could not take it any more

And you came running through the trees
A saviour on the wing
In your hallelujah shoes
Come to rescue me

Yeah you shared a little truth
You shone a little light
Opened up this young boy's eyes
Exposed the blackness of my soul
I could not fight the loneliness, the emptiness
I could not take it anymore
Give a Little Love
Give a little love
Have a lotta faith
You know you gotta try sometime
Step out from the veil
Nothing ventured nothing gained
If you stay home alone

So give a little love
You know you keep it locked inside
No matter how I try
I can't keep the flame alive alone

Get up off your knees
Know there's a time for praying and for action
Once in every life gotta face the fact
You gotta fly solo
More Life
Sometimes it feels like
There's nothing's left
Burned all my bridges
About to take my last breath
Get a little high
Sometimes low
Life is chasing me hard
And there's nowhere to go

And it's so free, so right
Only got one life
And it's all mine
More life

I see my baby
See the lines on her face
Hold up the mirror
See I haven't escaped
Get a little high
Get a little low
Life is chasing me hard
And there's nowhere to go

Baby looks like a million dollars
She goes out
And everybody follows
But anyone can see
You cut her and she'll bleed
And you know that she bleeds just like anyone else

All that blonde hair makes the boys go crazy
It surrounds her like some kind of halo
But look behind the spell
She's just a little girl
And you know that she cries just like anyone else

When no means maybe
She cries just like a baby

You know I love her
Can't stop thinking of her
I'm gonna keep her
Share her with no other
But anyone can see
She's the one for me
And you know she doesn't need anyone else

Neva Letta Go
She watches the clock on the wall
It's ticking so slowly
The minutes, the hours
Seem to take a day
Her cigarette ash grows so long
'Til it falls to the floor
Now she's crawling
I'm never gonna let her go

She walks past the window
The sky's gone all crazy
The white walls, the voices
They'll never let her be
She's calling, she's crawling
Cries in the darkness
I want her I need her
I'm never gonna let her go

Wolf Song
Look out the moon is high
Shadows on the floor
Feel me closing in
See your lover at the door

Don't turn your back to me
I'll take you from behind
And don't you try to run
I'll get you every time

Cos I'm howling at your door
Like you've never seen before
So dark, darker than the night
And colder than the dawn

Too late the time has come
When I must ask for more
Cos the night is young
And I can feel your body raw
Come on all you people
Rushing everywhere
Take a little time
And in look into the air

Skyscraper, I can't look down

Look into the heavens
Feet firmly on the ground
Concrete and steel
Baby is it real? I wanna know
World to Come
Every day I learn a little more
I've got a six foot heart
But I'm like a little boy
Gonna be the strongest man
I'll be the hardest man
Feel my head rising through the clouds
Doubt is stripped away
Now I'm safe and sound
But it makes me wonder why
I'm man and man must die

And every day I learn a little bit more
I'm down on my knees
In fact I'm flat on the floor
And I just can't believe everything that I read
About the world to come

Leave this place maybe find some space
Life is crashing down
Can't find any peace
Can't be the only man
To ever feel this way
Feeling high, now I'm going low
Gotta watch my head cos I'm gonna blow
I'll be the hardest man
I'll be the only man
Christmas Song
I'll tell you a story
But I'm not sure how it ends
Everything when hazy
Got a little crazy
You rolled me over
You spun me all around
Roundabout was flying
The camera caught us smiling

But you never could be true
Always looking round the room
You gotta rearrange
And I know I was never on your mind
It killed me every time
You said you felt like change

So now it's over
And you have gone away
I could not believe it
That you'd deceive me
Yeah you rolled me over
Chewed and spat me out
Left me cold and freezing
Last Christmas
Your life it was written in the stars
Gonna shine bright gonna lay them in the aisles
It's just a matter of time
Until your light shines

Arenas, gonna fill those concert halls
Scream out as you give the crowd your all
It's just a matter of time 'til they ask you to sign
Why's it taking so long? You're ready to go

You are a rock and roll star
And you know it wherever you are
You keep holding that rock and roll and dream
And you just can't blow it away

Fame was always waiting round the door
The whole world, they're just waiting for that boy
It's all going to plan but where is that man?
Why's it taking so long? You're ready to go

Closing Time
I close my eyes
And the world just kinda slips away
It fades into another day
No time for second chances, no replay

I'm a ship upon the sea
Floating on a breeze
It's closing time again for me

I hold my head under the water
Feel its icy flow
Feel the life force pounding in my ear
Always wanted to know how that feels